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Kick-in' is a game about punching furries and being punched by furries.

This is Kick-in's second public alpha release for /agdg/ Demo Day 15!

Known quirks/issues/changes in this build:

-There's still no audio, sorry.

-Key control presets are gone. Instead, the custom controls UI has been significantly improved. It now supports up to 3 sets of custom keybinds.

-Most of the multiple-key-rebinding issues from the DD14 have been fixed. If you accidentally rebind things in such a way that you cannot navigate the menus, pressing F5 on the rebinding menu or the title screen will reset your game to default bindings. 

-Menus now react and respond to custom keybind inputs! 

-Player transition states smoothed out compared to last time. There's now states for when you win/lose the game, and your lives are limited. Both you and your opponent can be knocked down 3 times before the fight's over.

-The player has two new super abilities: Rapid Hooks and Rapid Jabs. You can use them by pressing the super punch key a second time while you're winding up the Heavy super attacks.

-There's now an optional tutorial to teach players that need a little bit of handholding how the game works.

-NPC behavior and fight tweaked. The enemy now has a super attack he'll use upon getting up from being knocked down. In general, he's been made faster and more aggressive than in the DD14 build, but because he's super vulnerable after the new getting up state, the fight SHOULD be easier than it was before. THIS IS INTENTIONAL. The fightable enemy in this demo is intended to be either the first or second thing you fight (Think Glass Joe or Gabby Jay if you're familiar with Punch-Out!), so he isn't supposed to be much of a challenge. There will be enemies designed explicitly to whoop your butt later, but for now he's more of a proof of concept to make sure my enemy AI systems are functioning correctly. 

-Enemy still stays stunned until struck instead of breaking out on his own after a few moments. Just pretend he shakes it off a few seconds after his stun starts. Had issues getting the proper behavior to... well... behave for this build, so he's still using the DD14 permastunned behavior for now. Makes it easy for me to make webms, at least?

More information

Published 78 days ago
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Unzip to a folder and run the executable. Build is windows only.

F2 toggles a debug interface if you press it in combat. If you encounter a softlock, hardlock, or manage to break the enemy/player states in some way, toggling this on and including the information within could help me fix the issue.

Please report any issues to kickindev.tumblr.com


Kickin 07 01 2017b DD15 Build 1.zip (7 MB)


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This is pretty cool.

Perhaps the greatest game I've ever seen