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Kick-in' is a game about punching furries and being punched by furries.

This is Kick-in's first public alpha build.

Known quirks/issues in this build:

-There's no audio.

-Things get wonky if you bind multiple things to the same key. Please try to avoid doing so, either intentionally or accidentally, as it can cause some issues.

-Menus only react and respond to default menu inputs. This is intentional for the moment; it prevents a softlock associated with multiple things being bound to the same key.

-Player transitions into the healing state animations instantly after a knockdown instead of after a delay, causing the animations to jump.

-Enemy stays stunned until struck instead of breaking out on his own after a few moments. Just pretend he shakes it off a few seconds after his stun starts.

More information

Published24 days ago
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Unzip to a folder and run the executable. Build is windows only.

F3 toggles a debug interface if you press it in combat. If you encounter a softlock, hardlock, or manage to break the enemy/player states in some way, toggling this on and including the information within could help me fix the issue.

Please report any issues to kickindev.tumblr.com


Kickin DD14 build 3.zip (7 MB)


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This is pretty cool.

Perhaps the greatest game I've ever seen